Konecta celebrates the fifteenth edition of ExpoContact

ExpoContact, congress of reference for the BPO sector and Client Relationship, will take place on the days 4 5 and June in a new frame with an excellent space as is the Metropolitan Wanda and with great news in this new edition.

Experts and industry representatives will attend to discuss and share experiences, as well as good practices that help participating companies to improve their business and management.

On this occasion, and continuing with the line of the last edition, the main tendencies and advances of the sector will be addressed in depth in a highly competitive scenario, in which technological progress is happening at breakneck speed.

Under the motto: "Listen out. Analyze Transform ". In order for companies to stop to listen to the needs of their customers, analyze the impact of their actions and, with all the information, they can count on the precise tools to transform their business strategy.

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