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Konecta celebrates the fifteenth edition of ExpoContact

ExpoContact, congress of reference for the BPO sector and Client Relationship, will take place on the days 4 5 and June in a new frame with an excellent space as is the Metropolitan Wanda and with great news in this new edition.

Experts and industry representatives will attend to discuss and share experiences, as well as good practices that help participating companies to improve their business and management.

On this occasion, and continuing with the line of the last edition, the main tendencies and advances of the sector will be addressed in depth in a highly competitive scenario, in which technological progress is happening at breakneck speed.

Under the motto: "Listen out. Analyze Transform ". In order for companies to stop to listen to the needs of their customers, analyze the impact of their actions and, with all the information, they can count on the precise tools to transform their business strategy.

Viatek Group at the Contact Center service

Grupo Viatek offers a multitude of possibilities for action providing services to Contact Centers. The main activities and projects focus microcomputer maintenance in call centers through specialized technical personnel, wiring or adaptation and management of jobs.

The priority of Viatek in projects related to Contact Centers is to guarantee its operation and address the incidents raised by customers under the agreed times and conditions.

The solution proposed by Grupo Viatek to meet the needs of the client is based on the assignment of a project management team with full dedication to said client and on the mobilization of the Technicians Network to travel to the aforementioned locations.

On many occasions it is agreed to dedicate technicians in outsourcing to provide the support service needed in each center or area, Grupo Viatek assuming all the administrative and labor management of these workers to ensure the continuity of the business and the management of the systems and platforms of ticketing

Another specific service that is carried out to clients are the interventions in the hour bag format. Packages of hours are configured for repetitive interventions of less complexity and short duration, such as the replacement of a certain external hardware, peripherals ...

Value-added services offered by Grupo Viatek to its customers:

  • Rapid response to urgent incidents or work spikes
  • First Level of Support and Helpdesk
  • Network of Technicians with more than 500 points in Spain for national coverage
  • Platform and equipment configuration
  • Wiring and maintenance of telecommunications networks
  • Computer Renting

Grupo Viatek present in the Computerworld 2019 Ranking

La magazine on information and communication technologies that provides information to technology administrators, Computerworld, publishes each year a ranking in which are the one hundred ICT companies that most bill in Spain.

Instalvía ​​Telecomunicaciones, a company belonging to Grupo Viatek, has entered this prestigious ranking this year, which confirms the degree of maturity of the Spanish technology sector in the last year. "It no longer experiences exaggerated curves but has stabilized at a growth rate that exceeds 3%, which indicates that we are facing an investment that has already reached the category of appellant in many aspects ", said María José Marzal, director of Magazine.

In this edition of the Ranking the income figure that reaches the list far exceeds the 55.000 million euros.

Konecta advances in its expansion and growth consolidating its leadership in Spain and Latin America

  • The Spanish multinational closed 2018 with a record turnover of 831 million euros, an 8% more.
  • The company has solid foundations to continue growing both in clients and territories with a firm orientation for innovation, technology and a highly qualified human team.
  • The Konecta group is one of the Spanish companies that generates more employment and more than 65% of the workforce are women.

Madrid,10 of April of 2018. The technological multinational Konecta consolidates and increases its strength as a leader in integral BPO solutions and Customer Experience. The Spanish company closed the 2018 exercise with another billing record, 831 million euros, which means an 8% more than in 2017.

Jesús Vidal Barrio, CEO of Konecta, values ​​the company's growth very positively: "The results of the 2018 exercise reflect our efforts and the commitment of Konecta with its customers to continue providing the most advanced solutions. The response of our customers is getting better and better to implement increasingly innovative solutions for brand relationships with their customers. "

The figures give Konecta profitable and sustainable growth, and confirm the muscle of the company to advance in all projects and in the expansion that has marked the new Board of Directors chaired by José María Pacheco. Konecta is betting long ago to be a major player in the reality of the 4.0 revolution and in the Business Services sector. And in this new dimension, it focuses its strategy to be at the forefront of the sector worldwide, both in innovation, technology, and customer experience processes; always from the differentiation based on the management of people and the quality of the service.

Konecta as a long-term industrial project is set to remain a benchmark in the sector, and continue to provide new services and opportunities for both current customers and those who come from the new demand that is produced by the 'digital economy', reflected in a business plan for investment and growth.

Latin America is the region in which Konecta (leader in Colombia and among the first suppliers in Argentina, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Brazil) obtains the 60% of its turnover, and which is still considered as an area of ​​strong expansion in the next years. The latest acquisition of the Konecta group has been in this 2019 with the purchase of the Brazilian technology company Uranet.

Jesús Vidal Barrio confirms that the objective of Konecta is to intensify the expansion and the client portfolio: "We are still focused on growing, or with current clients, expanding our offer of services increasingly leveraged in automation, with solutions using technology and operational capacity ; or with new clients who need solutions for relationships with their clients. "

The expansion includes increasing services and its orientation towards innovation and the creation of new solutions and technological tools that improve services to 200's corporate clients in the 10 countries in which it operates so far. The solutions based on artificial intelligence and automation, together with a highly qualified and specialized human team, are the basic pillars in the business model.

During the past financial year, Konecta has increased the advances in digital transformation processes, with a multidimensional vision, with increases in R & D & I investments and consolidating its Digital Transformation and Efficiency Unit created in 2017. In the same line, the 'laboratory' Konecta Software Factory of Medellin (Colombia) works at full capacity with more than 100 engineers and data scientists who design all kinds of technological solutions with artificial intelligence as the axis for the demand of different sectors and the future development of the business.

The Konecta group is one of the Spanish companies that generates the most employment. At the end of February 62.348 people formed the staff of the multinational. Of this number of 41.209 workers are women, that is, more than 65% of the total.

Konecta Foundation

These results go hand in hand with a strategy of sustainable corporate responsibility, evidenced by the results of Fundación Konecta throughout its 14 years of existence. Konecta has invested more than 10 million euros in social projects, with almost 40.000 people at risk of exclusion benefited in the countries where it is present. 760 organizations and almost 3.500 volunteers who will collaborate with the social responsibility activity of Konecta, which from 2017 implemented its Corporate Responsibility System in order to support the creation of shared value for its stakeholders.


Grupo Viatek presents one more year in Greencities

The past 27 and 28 of March, the Palace of Fairs and Congresses of Malaga, hosted the tenth edition of Greencities, Forum of Intelligence and Urban Sustainability.

This edition was closed with more than a thousand entities represented by official sources of the organization. Among them was Grupo Viatek, which participated as an exhibitor. Showing the news of IT services, which can contribute to sustainable development, urban management model, which was presented at the fair.

In addition to the high agenda of meetings organized in the forum, the development of the 'Elevator Pitch' space has also taken place, where a series of commercial presentations have taken place.

Highlight the participation in this space of Angel Ropero, commercial director of Viatek, who in addition to presenting the company, commented: "Our capillarity of specialized technicians, guarantees the best deployment on high-end professional products.

We have the experience of showing a multitude of companies that these more cumbersome tasks of installation and maintenance must put them in the best hands ", as an added value of the Group.

Greencities has been a very important opportunity for internationalization and the relationship between companies, since more than twenty representatives of Latin American countries, the United States and China have participated in the fair. These relations have been facilitated by the Extenda- Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion, which participates every year in the Forum.

Grupo Viatek will attend the tenth edition of the Greencities

One more year, the Greencities, Forum of Intelligence and Urban Sustainability returns to Malaga, which will take place in the next days 27 and 28 of March, in the FYCMA.

This event is a meeting point between all the agents that come into action when it comes to building Smart Cities. In addition to serving as a place of confluence between global companies, Greencities encourages the creation of projects and the establishment of contacts, to inspire and develop the municipalities of the future.

Viatek Group will be present in this tenth edition as an exhibitor, making available to the visitors a wide portfolio of innovative infrastructure services and IT solutions.

In this way, Grupo Viatek will show in the Greencities its clear commitment, comprehensive service offer and important role it plays in the area of ​​sustainable and intelligent cities, presenting itself as a fundamental partner for companies and institutions in the processes related to Information Technology and Digital transformation

ICT and IoT deployments, both in the urban area (covering security, municipal wireless networks, sensorization, citizen welfare or tourist information systems), and in the Retail environment (Digital Signage, WiFi, counting-tracking solutions ... ) are the key to the construction of this new paradigm that Now, together with the firm commitment of Malaga companies such as Grupo Viatek, which have much to contribute to the implementation and implementation of information technology and communications infrastructure, thanks to the global and international reach of their operations and the avant-garde nature of your solutions.

Grupo Viatek visits the MWC 2019

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona once again captures all the attention worldwide, being the most outstanding international event on technology and innovation. None of the leading companies in this field wanted to miss the appointment, and as a technology company could not miss Viatek Group, that this year especially bet by the innovation, the migration to the new systems of mobility (mainly electrical) and the real implantation of the Smart Cities and Internet of Things.

The meeting, where giants such as Microsoft, Mercedes Benz, Tesla or Samsung dress up to show their latest solutions and more ambitious projects, has not left anyone indifferent. The influx seems to exceed the number of previous years, with a record of 107.000 attendees, and although not without controversy about the absence of Uber and Cabify, the atmosphere inside the premises was excellent, both for the staging of large, medium and small, as above all for the atmosphere of synergies and networking that is breathed.

The MWC is consecrated as the reference event where experts take full advantage of the opportunity that allows them to have for a few days an entire business ecosystem concentrated in just 240.000 square meters; However, your visit is recommended for anyone passionate about technology, this year there are cheaper options such as the event in parallel, focused on entrepreneurship in mobile technologies and aimed at a more freelance and Startups target.

Grupo Viatek present in Miami with the opening of its new headquarters

Grupo Viatek increases its international presence with the opening of a new headquarters located in Miami.

Javier Olivares, Director of International Strategy for the Viatek Group, will be in charge of this start-up, and will also be in charge of managing all the business development in Latin America.

Viatek Group, has worked in Latin America in various projects, which are framed within sectors such as telecommunications, retail, banking and security.

Latin America is a key region for the group, due to the dynamism of its market and the great opportunity to expand the products and services offered by Viatek.

With the opening of this new headquarters in Miami, there are already several delegations that the group has spread throughout Latin America, with the others in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

Kronotek: new functionality "Call Audit Platform"

The Kronotek Call Audit platform (KronotekCAP), automates the auditing of the agents in your call center and allows the 100% of all calls to be reviewed and validated. KronotekCAP It provides a complete reporting system that controls what your client asks, what their agents say in their answers, and qualifies them according to what they should say.

Taking into account one of the most important call center metrics, the average conversation time or ATT, which measures the average number of agents talking to clients, using this example, the power of KronotekCAP is put into perspective with a simple calculation:

Practical Case

The Contact Center X employs 70 agents, divided into two 5-hour shifts. Your ATT is 4 minutes per call and serves 10 calls per hour. That's a total of 40 minutes of conversations per agent per hour. At the end of the day, how many minutes of conversations do we have?

The Call Audit Platform is just one of the new features that Kronotek has For more information about Kronotek you can contact:

5 reasons to implement a VoIP System in your Company

The Communications have always been a priority for all types of organizations, whether for commercial or operational purposes, companies that want to grow need to be at the forefront of new technologies.

Systems such as VoIP are necessary for the growth of businesses, since they provide benefits such as significant cost savings and the improvement of features that traditional telephony does not offer.

In this article we are going to focus on the 5 main reasons why your company needs to implement a VoIP system:

Cost Savings

This is one of the main benefits of VoIP, compared to traditional telephony.

VoIP systems are cheaper when using the same network for data and voice transmission.

Said savings can be up to 70% of the value of your communications with respect to traditional telephony. No doubt an opportunity that companies can not miss.

Better Functions

Cost saving is not the only tangible benefit that this type of solution has. Another important point is the functional improvements with respect to traditional telephony.

These functionalities can be very diverse, some of them are:

Click to Call

Automated attendant

Call Conference

Integration with CRM


Quality in Customer Service

With the acquisition of this type of solutions, the quality of customer service improves considerably. With IP telephony we will avoid that the client has to wait to be attended, being able to configure an IVR or speech. This technology is in constant evolution, allowing thus to make a much faster and personalized attention to the client.

Easy installation

Among the main benefits of VoIP, we highlight the easy installation.

It is implemented on a Windows server or through the cloud, and is fully integrated into the rest of the computer installation of most companies. The entire system uses the existing network cabling, allowing rapid deployment.

Freedom in choice of equipment

Unlike traditional telephony, most VoIP systems do not require the use of telephones or devices from a specific manufacturer, thus having a much wider range of options.

It is important to point out that currently VoIP systems are not only used by large corporations, but by medium and small companies, who see in this system a great opportunity for improvement.

For more information on how we can help your company implementing a VoIP system you can contact us by