Kronotek: new functionality "Call Audit Platform"

The Kronotek Call Audit platform (KronotekCAP), automates the auditing of the agents in your call center and allows the 100% of all calls to be reviewed and validated. KronotekCAP It provides a complete reporting system that controls what your client asks, what their agents say in their answers, and qualifies them according to what they should say.

Taking into account one of the most important call center metrics, the average conversation time or ATT, which measures the average number of agents talking to clients, using this example, the power of KronotekCAP is put into perspective with a simple calculation:

Practical Case

The Contact Center X employs 70 agents, divided into two 5-hour shifts. Your ATT is 4 minutes per call and serves 10 calls per hour. That's a total of 40 minutes of conversations per agent per hour. At the end of the day, how many minutes of conversations do we have?

The Call Audit Platform is just one of the new features that Kronotek has For more information about Kronotek you can contact: