smart devices

smart devices

En Viatek Group We have extensive experience in the implementation of smart devices and the networks necessary for their operation.

We are specialized in digital signage systems for digital marketing campaigns and customer experience monitoring. We offer exhaustive knowledge of the needs posed by the start-up and maintenance of these systems in sectors such as Retail and Public Administrations.

  • Planning and installation of large-scale DS circuits in multiple locations
  • Installation of structured cabling and specific network electronics
  • People counting circuits and queue management
  • Installation of inmotics and home automation systems
  • Access control systems, CCTV, sensors
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment

We have taken part in projects to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and establishments, with the installation and maintenance of smart devices that have allowed better management of energy resources.

Smart Store 4.0

We have acquired extensive experience in retail environments in response to the needs of our customers and the technological evolution of the sector.

Nowadays, solutions for improving the customer experience, such as digital signage or counting systems, have become essential for communication with the customer and the data analytics they offer as business intelligence.

  •  Digital Signage or Digital Signage: dynamic marketing circuits based on screens, totems, video walls, digital shop windows, interactive kiosks...
  • Counting Systems: for tracking people or vehicles, capacity controls in real time.
  • Piped music: creation of environments, locutions,
    public address…
  • Shift Management: self-service kiosks, queue management systems to reduce waiting times and improve efficiency.
  • Energy efficiency: Consumption control, home automation installations, implementation of comprehensive energy management systems, Led lighting, maintenance of buildings and industrial facilities.
  • Sensors: Beacons and personalized campaigns

We have agreements with the main manufacturers and providers of solutions in the market, being able to carry out custom integrations according to the needs of the client.

Smart Cities

New technologies, projects associated with the environment of Smart and Sustainable Cities, Energy Efficiency, solutions based on IoT, smart devices and sensorization for public companies, are building cities that are increasingly safer, more respectful and more innovative.

We deploy all kinds of Smart devices, helping with the implementation, start-up, design and maintenance.

  • Public Wi-Fi
  • Dynamic Marketing: information panels, citizen information systems
  • Counting: Flow Measurement Systems, counting people or vehicles.
  • Parking Management
  • Security and IP Video Surveillance
  • Smart lighting
  • Energy management
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Implementation of Smart technologies for large projects

Other Business Areas