All kinds of energy projects

The technological revolution and the new consumer profile have imposed a change in the process of marketing products and services that companies have to deal with. This evolution demands the implementation of ICT in companies in the sector, which, carried out properly, represents a improvement in competitiveness.

In this sense, the different business areas of Viatek Group They provide knowledge and efficiency as added values ​​to the development of energy efficiency projects in companies, houses, points of sale or corners, shopping centers, supermarkets and all types of commercial or residential establishments.

Viatek Group we have technical and human resources that allow us to help businesses to implement the necessary measures to improve energy efficiency.

We offer exclusive services that will help you reduce energy consumption, implement technical improvements in your facilities and develop an energy improvement strategy that suits your needs.

Our main energy services are:

  • energy audit
  • power optimization
  • Consumption monitoring
  • LED Lighting
  • Air conditioning
  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Points

energy projects

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Specialists in PRVE installations


We offer a complete service. In addition to the installation, we take care of selecting the best materials, we manage their transport, assembly, configuration and maintenance. Everything necessary for the project to be completed successfully.

We install charging points for electric vehicles with different characteristics and capacities, approved by different specialized factories in the sector.

EPC Contract: Engineering, Procurement and Construction

  • Complete engineering project (if required)
  • Civil work
  • Installation of the charging point with the maximum guarantee
  • Electrical installation
  • Installation of the communication system with the server
  • Comprehensive equipment maintenance
  • Legalization and start-up according to the technical requirements of the manufacturers

Approved facilities


The entire process is carried out in accordance with current legislation and according to the ITC-BT-52 Low Voltage installation regulations, correctly protecting against overvoltages, overcurrents and short circuits.

We prepare and write the mandatory technical report and issue the installation certificate.

The documentation is deposited in the Ministry of Industry and communicated to the supplying company for registration and processing, as legally established.

We install charging points for electric vehicles with different characteristics and capacities, approved by different manufacturers specialized in the sector, such as Ingeteam and Chargepoint.

The electric vehicle recharging installation service is the consequence of the innovative spirit, dedication to service and passion for technology of Viatek professionals to help have a more sustainable world.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Specialists in solar panel installations

Each installation we carry out is offered on a turnkey basis and with a 25-year guarantee for the solar panels.

We manage all permits, legalizations, carrying out projects and presentation of subsidies before the different public bodies.

Turnkey project with operation and maintenance guarantees.

We take care of the installation of turnkey solar panels, including materials, transport, assembly and administrative procedures for the supply contract.

We offer a comprehensive troubleshooting service, web monitoring of consumption and telephone assistance to our customers.

Photovoltaic installations for each type of need

Individual self-consumption: Installations of photovoltaic panels in homes for energy production. Installation of panels, inverters, optimizers, batteries... In installations both isolated and connected to the network.

Community self-consumption: Installations in residential buildings for the production of electrical energy for consumption in common areas and compensation of individual consumption per dwelling.

Self-consumption for company: Photovoltaic energy installations for industrial warehouses, office buildings, public buildings, museums, car parks... in direct or isolated self-consumption mode.

Solar Pumping Installations: Solar installation for energy supply to small and large irrigations. Sectorized and automated systems. More sustainable crops.

ICT implementation to improve the customer experience

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