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Why opt for photovoltaic self-consumption?

Both because of the policies to promote photovoltaic self-consumption that have been decreed and because of the number of hours of sunlight we receive each year, Spain has managed to position itself at the top of the list of European countries with the most installed photovoltaic power.

Whether they are companies, single-family homes or neighborhood communities, the benefits far exceed expectations. In this post we tell you why go solar.

What does photovoltaic self-consumption consist of?

El self-consumption of energy electricity consists of the use of energy generated by the consumer himself through an installation made in his building. If the energy consumed is obtained through solar panels, we would be talking about photovoltaic self-consumption.

Producing your own energy will give your company the freedom to adapt consumption habits and minimize dependency on electricity marketers.

Benefits of solar energy for companies

The benefits of photovoltaic installations for self-consumption go beyond the economic sphere and this is evident in the increase in companies that decide to use solar energy.

cost savings

Although it is not the only one, the main advantage of installing a photovoltaic system for self-consumption in your company is the energy bill savings. This energy is viable for any type of company, although for those whose highest energy consumption is during daylight hours, they can even have more than 50% savings.

Business differentiation and competitiveness

The increase in social awareness regarding the environment leads to a consumer profile that is more committed to sustainability, renewable energies and ethical companies. The transition of our company to the consumption of photovoltaic energy will add differential value to our company.

On the other hand, the reduction of energy costs will allow us to be more competitive when offering our services, either through a price reduction or an improvement in quality.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

By betting on renewable energy we will contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, also increasing the corporate social responsibility and improving the brand image of your company.


Profitability and savings in a residential photovoltaic installation – Source:

How can we finance our project?

The company in charge of the installation will be the one that prepares the budget for the photovoltaic self-consumption along with an amortization plan based on the characteristics of our project. However, it is important to know what financing options are available to us.

Payment in cash or in installments

In this modality, the beneficiary of the facility takes full charge of the financing of the project. In the contract prior to the start of the installation, the payment conditions will be established, as well as the deadlines if necessary.

The most common terms are the payment of a percentage of the total at the signing of the contract and the remaining amount throughout the completion of the project or when it is completed.

The main advantage of this payment method is that no intermediaries are needed to finance our project. However, we will have to have sufficient economic solvency to face this type of installation, with the advantage that its amortization is relatively fast.

Bank financing

Named by banking entities as green financing lines o loans for energy efficiency. They are loans or credits intended to encourage projects that benefit and are intended for the protection of the environment.

These contracts have the differentiating characteristic of having relatively low interest rates and favorable conditions to facilitate access to renewable energies.

Technological renting

Broadly speaking, technological renting is similar to rental of solar panels. An installation company or an intermediary assumes the costs of the project and establishes how much the company or user must pay as rent.

Under this modality, the installation will not be our property, but we will be able to benefit from the energy it produces. As a general rule, the maintenance costs and the necessary repairs will be borne by the company from which we rent the service.

PPA – Power Purchase Agreement

PPAs are long-term solar photovoltaic power purchase agreements. It is a form of financing for self-consumption. The two parties to these agreements are the consumer and the generator of the energy that is consumed.

The power generator is the one that gives the space for the installation of the solar panels, being able to benefit from the generated energy. On the other hand, the consumer finances these solar panels and buys the energy from the generator, usually for a lower price than the rates of the electricity marketers.

PPA contracts usually have a duration of between 10 to 15 years. If the part of the contract that cedes the space decides to terminate the contract, it will have to pay the remaining part of the price of the installation to whom it corresponds.

Amortization time of solar panels

When calculating the amortization time of a photovoltaic installation, different factors are taken into account that vary according to the characteristics of our project.

One of these factors is the life time of solar panels, which is usually around 25 or 30 years old. Once this time has passed, the capacity to generate energy can be reduced by more than 20%.

Other factors to take into account are the quantity and quality of plates that are required in the project, the orientation of them and, mainly, the price. These are determined by the installing company.

Bearing in mind that the amortization will also vary depending on the mode of financing, the estimated amortization time is between 6 and 8 years.

It is time to switch to photovoltaic self-consumption

Once you make the decision to install solar panels in your building, you will need an installation company that manages your project in the most professional way possible.

En Viatek Group We have a national technical team that allows us to offer a turnkey self-consumption service of the highest quality for the installation of your solar panels. We not only carry out the necessary installation, we also present the necessary permits and the corresponding subsidies.

Contact with us and start saving on your electricity bill from the first month.

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