collaboration agreement between Ecofrog and Grupo Viatek

Collaboration agreement between Grupo Viatek and Ecofrog

The Grupo Viatek team is constantly moving to participate in new projects and collaborations. Our latest agreement: with the company Ecofrog for its expansion in national territory.

Respect for the environment and the commitment to care for the environment in which our projects are carried out is essential for the development of the activity of Viatek Group. Similarly, collaboration with companies and entities that pursue the same environmental objectives fosters an ecosystem of innovation and business development based on sustainability.

Last month our group signed a collaboration agreement with ecofrog, a company dedicated to developing and distributing eco-sustainable solutions for cleaning and disinfection that allow users to increase water savings, reduce the impact on the environment and avoid the use of chemical substances.

Ecofrog has a range of ozone generation products that cover the needs of both individuals and companies, specializing in the HORECA and residential health sector. These products allow from the disinfection of any type of surface or the cleaning of textiles and dishes to the purification of water by osmosis systems. 

Signing this agreement implies the participation of Viatek in the expansion plan for the Spanish territory of Ecofrog, which has opted for a proximity and quality after-sales service for its customers.

The purpose of the collaboration is that ozone generation systems in water , of Ecofrog reach the entire national territory, guaranteeing the highest quality throughout the process, from installation to maintenance service.

The Ecogfrog technical team has given the necessary training to our technicians so that they have full knowledge of all the available solutions.

The wide level of capillarity of our team of technicians distributed throughout the Spanish territory has allowed us to contribute the experience and response capacity of Grupo Viatek to this new project in which we collaborate.

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