Viatek Group in the Seven Economy program

Siete Economía is a program that gives voice to the business success stories of Andalusia and debates on essential issues for our economy. From Grupo Viatek we had the opportunity to contribute our experience.

César Caballero, CEO of Grupo Viatek, was interviewed by Raúl Estévez on the 7TV program Siete Economía, in which he shared space with Extenda's Director of Promotion, Market Development and Foreign Network, María Lara Quinlan.

Broadly speaking, the program refers to the business areas of the company, to the present and future trajectory of Grupo Viatek outside of Spain and to the benefits of being installed in an environment of constant technological development such as Malaga.

Reference is mainly made to three of the business lines in which the group is most active: installation of access networks and structured cabling, the area of security systems, both to control access and for early detection of fire and, finally, the Energy. This last line of business was recently added to Grupo Viatek's portfolio of services with the aim of meeting the needs of our customers and improving the energy efficiency of their companies.

César Caballero also talks about the path traveled by Grupo Viatek as an international installation company, explaining how the first step in the internationalization process was taken in Peru, followed by Colombia and Chile. Currently, the group's projects are increasingly ambitious and new markets are constantly being sought in which to gain a foothold, such as Mexico, Brazil or Germany.

Finally, Raúl Estévez cites the city of Malaga as an ecosystem of emerging companies and as a leading space in terms of technology and innovation.

The synergy between companies both inside and outside the Andalusia Technology Park in Malaga has given rise to the creation of numerous initiatives and opportunities in all the sectors in which Grupo Viatek participates. In this context, the project eCityMalaga, in which more than 20 companies participate with the aim of redefining the current city model and becoming a benchmark for sustainability and circular economy.

If you want to see the full interview, you can do it on the website of 7TV Andalusia.

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