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Advancing together from 2000

The history of Grupo Viatek is a process of continuous and exponential growth that has been achieved with firm step. The objective of the creation of this group of companies has been to offer technological services that make the difference for their efficiency, flexibility and adaptation to changes in the ICT sector. Thanks to a firm commitment to knowledge, innovation and the human team, we have gained the trust of our customers and collaborators.

Origin of the Viatek Group


Grupo Viatek was born in the 2000 year as a fusion of technology services companies with the firm purpose of creating a business model adapted to the ICT needs of operators, integrators and IT manufacturers. Among those companies, it stands out Installed Telecommunications, expert in the management of technical resources and the main core of the Group.

At a time of fast-paced technological growth and new challenges for the industry, the Group united its experience in the ICT sector and the technical knowledge to break into the market with a effective, flexible and innovative alternative for project management.


After the start of a promising venture as a Group, 2007 and 2010 consolidated a corporate structure formed by three companies: Instalvía ​​Telecomunicaciones, Viaglobal and Qualytek. The portfolio of services is developed to include the execution of field projects for large networks (I + M + D), services and consulting, technological BPO, management and development of Contact Center and Digital Marketing.

The workforce grows and extends the network of technicians by Spain and Portugal, to participate in projects of fiber optic, integration and support increasingly complex, providing services to clients with a strong presence in the market and gaining trust among our partners. As a result, the presence in the sectors of Banking and Finance, Retail, Telecommunications Operators, Hotelier and Public Administrations.


From the year 2011 begins a process of expansion that involves the opening of new headquarters in Latin America and North of Africa, from where we access new projects that contribute to the implementation of ICT in cities and rural areas. We transfer our experience and know-how to booming markets, detecting needs and applying the solutions appropriate technologies.

To improve the service to our customers, we increase the capacity of our work and storage facilities, with new offices and logistics points, together with the expansion of our network of technicians with more than 400 collaborating companies.

The concern to reach new horizons also implies the exploration of software development to create own solutions such as the predictive dialing system in the cloud for the Contact Center sector.


Grupo Viatek faces the present and future with the conviction of applying an optimal management model and guarantees for IT projects. The capacity of adaptation, efficiency and flexibility These are values ​​that guide its evolution towards cutting-edge development areas: Infrastructures and Wireless Networks, Smart Cities, Cloud Computing and IoT. We advance at the pace of great technological progress, from our position as a connector between the end customer and the integrator, manufacturer and operator.

Human capital is a key factor for the future of the Group. Through the Talent management, we promote the training of employees, the improvement of working conditions and work tools to create a motivating work environment. And as a sign of identity, our commitment to the  promotion of youth employment, through collaboration with universities, business centers and training.

The biggest challenge is correspond to trust deposited by customers with higher levels of demand and quality.

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