Social Responsibility

Committed to everyone

The commitment is one of the main values ​​that Grupo Viatek applies to the ICT sector. That commitment it extends to our environment and guides our Corporate Responsibility in the areas of employment, training and solidarity.

We promote young employment by offering opportunities for students of engineering and business sciences, from the internship stage to their integration in our staff. Initiative, collaborative work capacity, responsibility and motivation are values ​​that we recognize in young people and support with an opportunity for work and personal development in our company.

In the same way, we promote generation of employment in other countries, with special incidence in LATAM and North Africa, to offer opportunities for work and personal development, and collaborating in maintaining the social well-being of people in their countries of origin.

In the social field, we collaborate with associations, collectives and Non-profit organizations who perform recognized work to improve the quality of life of the most disadvantaged. In addition, we promote the environmental care in all our actions in a transversal way, especially in the field of waste management proper to the development of our activity.


We create opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge within the Group


We respect the care of the environment in a transversal way to all our areas of activity


Internal and external collaboration is a value that has allowed us to grow as a group of companies


We share the same way of acting that allows us to achieve successes together

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