Mission, vision and values

We are what defines us

The mission, vision and values ​​of the Viatek Group establish the principles that guide our activity, always oriented to our customers. Through them, we achieve our strategic objectives and consolidate ourselves as a provider of ICT services with our own business model. These values ​​are also the core of the business culture, in which employees and collaborators participate, which identifies us as a company.


Be the technological partner where our clients trust the management of their needs ICT


  • We apply our own technical management model that guarantees efficiency, effectiveness and resolution.
  • Offering agile solutions, flexible and efficient for each situation
  • Competitiveness in price and knowledge as adding value
  • We promote the talent progress, the work and personal development of the employees within the internal community of the Group
  • Integration of our partners and associated field technicians as part of the Group structure


  • All the activities of the Viatek Group have as their common axis the Customer orientation. We give flexible solutions in order to cover the specific needs of each client and project.
  • We are proactive, with the proposal of new and better solutions for the client and in the development of new services.
  • Our way of working is marked by the commitment that we acquire with our clients and employees, which generates a climate of Trust mutual.
  • Betting on the innovation in internal management and in the provisioning of services.
  • We promote the implication and internal cohesion among our workers and collaborators to face all types of projects with the assurance of their successful completion.
  • From our beginning, the overcoming y effort They have marked our evolution. We share these values ​​with all the members of Grupo Viatek
Group Values

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