Approvals and Certifications

Our greatest success is to earn your trust

Our knowledge about equipment microinformatics, network electronics y structured cabling is based on the experience gained during more than 15 years realized projects and managing services successfully. We have the approvals of important manufacturers in the market for their installation, setting y maintenance, that certify the specific knowledge of their products and equipment. As well as executing IT infrastructure projects (physical and wireless networks), forming part of the Register of Telecommunications Installer Companies.

These homologations allow us to face the management and execution of infrastructure projects and IT services with guarantees, and provide qualified support to meet the demands of our customers, in an optimal time. The Network of Technicians, with more than 400 operational points, that we have deployed in Spain, Portugal, Francia y LATAM it increases the value of this specific knowledge, since we have the capacity to carry out interventions in an optimal period of time and with the desired results.

On the other hand, our management layer has PMP and CAPMP certificates that demonstrate the skills, knowledge and competencies needed to lead projects. The PMI certifies a minimum experience of 4.500 hours in 3 years dedicated to project management, in our case, focused on the ICT area.

All our work processes are certified by the standards of ISO 9001 quality: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 of environmental management. We are in constant enlargement of our approvals and certifications to offer our services in the most beneficial way for our client.



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