New solutions with consolidated technology

Innovation sets the pace of our evolution as a Group, constantly changing to integrate and consolidate new technological advances in the solutions we offer our clients. Changes in the ICT sector occur at an accelerated pace and it is necessary to have a technological partner with a perspective of global future and practice, so as not to lose growth opportunities.

The course of Information Technologies points towards mobility, connectivity and fullfilment of security requirements, in all its forms and possibilities, as the general concepts where new technological advances converge. These are needs that people, companies and institutions demand, and that correspond, for example, with Smart Cities and Cloud Computing projects, among others.



Smart cities projects (smartcities) consist of establishing a dialogue between the citizens and their technological environment, through ICT systems. The objective is to offer services adapted to their new needs, efficiently manage energy resources and respect the environment. This includes new models of urban mobility, fullfilment of security requirements y citizen participation, in addition to the promotion of economic sectors such as tourism and trade.

Grupo Viatek participates in projects for the implementation of intelligent systems in different countries of Europe and Latin America. We put at the service of integrators, operators and public administrations all our experience in the design and execution of telecommunications projects and a team of qualified people for their management.

We are committed to improving the quality of life of citizens through technology, essential to make the cities of the future a reality.

Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

Cloud Computing has become a key factor in the technological balance of companies of all sectors and sizes. The profitability of cloud applications lies in the Outsourcing of the necessary infrastructure and hardware / software management, which represent cost savings and expert management of IT resources at the service of the company.

Grupo Viatek advances towards the design of applications in the cloud that offer every time better performance and achieve operational processes that until now have not been optimized. Our ability to software development is supported by the creativity, experience and knowledge of our team of professionals, put to the test in solutions that we have implemented for the cproduct merchandising and services with the management and customer service in different sectors.

Our applications in the cloud automate work processes and allow access to relevant information for the decision making across multiple devices and anytime, anywhere.

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