Business model

Innovation in ICT Resource Management

Viatek Group, and all the companies that integrate it, develops its activity based on its own business model that has been Tested and perfected over more than 15 years of activity in the ICT sector, in technological projects of all kinds.

It is an added value to the technical resources management services that we offer to our customers and collaborators, in addition to being a factor that consolidates our competitiveness and solvency.

It is based on technical management layer and continuous control of all processes. Its fundamental objective is to provide a customer service tailored to their needs and flexible to any new circumstance or possible scenario, always ensuring efficiency and resolution. All this is possible thanks to a team of engineers and technical managers who carry out a total control over each phase of the project technological.

Thus, the smart management It is the main component of this model:

  • Advice for the planning and execution of the project
  • Rigorous monitoring of each process from the beginning to the final report to the client
  • Orientation of resources towards meeting deadlines and objectives
  • Ability to coordinate a wide network of technicians simultaneously
  • Experience in projects for different sectors and environments

In short, the know-how described as a technological partner of confidence and rigor to take on IT projects in all their dimensions.

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