The management of GRUPO VIATEK, aware of the importance of offering a quality service respecting the environment, has decided to implement an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, committing itself to progressively introduce in its activities increasing quality and improvement criteria environmental, so that it can be guaranteed that the services provided in the different areas of the company take into account the prevention of pollution, compliance with legal requirements and adaptation to the context of our organization.

From this, the acquired commitments are:

GRUPO VIATEK is aware that its customers are the first objective to which the quality effort of the company and its services must be directed. For this reason, it undertakes to put all the means at its disposal to guarantee that its expectations are met, in order to achieve its satisfaction and reach a balance for both parties. To this end, the company will periodically review its strategy and compliance with the objectives, which must be measurable and consistent with this Quality and Environment Policy.

Determine and provide the necessary resources, both material and human, in order to implement and maintain the Quality and Environment System and continuously improve its effectiveness and prevent pollution.

Comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements that are applicable for your activity, including those of an environmental nature and other requirements that the company subscribes.

Comply with the requirements established in the standards UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015, continuously improve the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System and the environmental performance of the organization.

Consider the protection of the environment in the development of our activities as a responsibility assumed consciously by the organization.

Rational use of material resources to minimize the consumption of raw materials, encourage proper use and energy savings during the development of activities.

Reduce the production of waste, as well as dispose of or treat it according to the regulations in force.

Establish the necessary channels to ensure communication, awareness and training on quality and environment of the company's staff.

The management of the organization personally assumes the commitments expressed herein and undertakes to ensure that said policy is known, understood and applied by all persons who are part of the organization, as well as by the relevant stakeholders.

Málaga, 27 of October of 2017

Quality and Environment Policy (Document)