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We promote Digital Administration

Our presence in the public administration sector extends to all organizational levels and encompasses a large number of institutions. We assume technical and operational management for network infrastructure projects, coordinating logistics, stock management, reporting and quality control. In addition, we provide technical support, platform and hardware repair of all kinds.

  • Installation and commissioning of large volumes of computer equipment en municipalities, ministries and other delegations of regional public administrations
  • For educative area, we have provided the classrooms with Internet connection, installed interactive whiteboards and satellite network for communication between centers
  • Deployment of systems wait management in offices and points citizen attention
  • Installation of network points and equipment in airport terminals, together with the assembly of CPDs
  • Support and maintenance of computer equipment for different administrative headquarters
  • Stakeout of facilities and adaptation of offices for migration to IP telephony

These projects suppose to facilitate procedures that affect the improvement of basic aspects for people's lives, as important as health and education. In this way, we comply with our values ​​and commitment to the technological development of society.

Technical and operational management for large projects for the provision of computer equipment and interconnection of headquarters

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