IT Manufacturers

Certified partner of the main manufacturers of the market

We are a strategic partner for the assistance, repair, layout, and installation of hardware and software equipment of the main manufacturers in the market. Our network of technicians with high capillarity, training and certification, allows us to provide service in all key areas where we operate. Thanks to the strategic location of our different logistics platforms, we provide added value to your projects by simplifying distribution, maintenance and support tasks.

  • Deployment and subsequent maintenance of network equipment (router, switch, rack)
  • Experience in the installation of CPDs and servers
  • Management of product and service <strong>standardisations</strong> guarantee and RMAs
  • Services of repair in laboratory own and operational logistics
  • Assistance in-situ y remote hands
  • After-sales support for clients

We simplify the tasks of distribution, support and maintenance of computer equipment

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