We propose and execute your global solution

We share the vocation of integrators to offer global solutions to the technological demands of each sector and company. This type of project needs a joint vision of each phase and the ability to complete it effectively. Our commitment is total, putting at your disposal the IT services precise and ample operative capacity for the execution and installation of telco systems.

  • Implementation and maintenance of structured cabling and network electronics for telecommunications systems in the retail, hospitality, financial and industrial sectors
  • Approach and execution of infrastructure WIMAX for Internet access in rural and urban areas
  • Installation of IP telephony systems for branches of financial entities
  • Warranty management for PCs, servers and other computer equipment multibrand
  • Installation and maintenance of solutions digital signage, audiovisual systems and wireless access points for the retail sector

We have a joint vision of the project and the operational capacity for its execution and maintenance

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