access control systems for companies

Access control systems. What are they and types

The access control systems, planned and structured in an efficient manner, will not only increase the security of the area that needs to be restricted, but will also facilitate business organization and infrastructure management in neighboring communities. 

What is an access control system?

It is that system that allows the authorization or restriction of passage of a person or vehicle to a restricted area taking into account certain previously established parameters.

These access control systems They can occur in two aspects. In the physical sense, to monitor access to physical facilities, whether to company buildings, neighborhood communities or specific areas of these facilities. User access can be segmented according to schedules, days or according to the concessions of each one. 

In the virtual sense, referring to computer security, to determine which users have the corresponding permissions to access certain resources or information in computer systems.

Four basic functions or principles are defined that govern access controls:


There are different methods to identify the person or vehicle trying to access the restricted area. Identification is essential to determine if the user meets the access requirements.


Once the person or vehicle has been identified, the system will detect if it is in the database or if it meets the necessary parameters established to access the facility.


When the user's identity has been verified, access to the requested area is authorized or denied. This authorization can be given for specific areas within the building or for the entire facility, also depending on the time or day on which entry is requested. 


Subsequently, the data obtained from the previous process is stored for a pre-established time to keep track of the time or frequency of user attendance at the installation; in addition to providing the data of the people present in the building in real time or on a certain date and time.

Types of access control

These control systems can work with two different methods that determine the general typology of the system and within which we will find various solutions.

Autonomous access control systems

They allow entrance control without being connected to a computer and without requiring access management software. The disadvantage of these systems is that they do not store the data of the entrances and exits, so it is not possible to obtain a record of the behavior of the users in the facilities.

Network access control systems

These systems are more complex and efficient than the previous ones. A specific computer system or software is required to store the database in which the users who are allowed access are established, being fully customizable based on the client's policies. These systems are the ones that allow the collection of data on schedules, dates and capacity at all times. 

Within each type of control system, we will find different solutions depending on the security needs that are required, such as turnstiles, barriers or electronic card readers. Depending on the access control system that is installed at the necessary points, these can have a greater or lesser impact on the company's activity. 

Vehicle and pedestrian access control

Physical access control systems can be targeted for both foot and vehicle entrances and exits. 

For those companies or neighborhood communities that have a private car park, vehicle access control systems are implemented to manage the entry of authorized vehicles and the distribution of available spaces. 

In these cases, the most common available options are the lifting barriers or automatic doors, these can be activated by radiofrequency sensors, electronic cards or license plate recognition.

On the other hand, access control systems for people are aimed at registering users who pass through the restricted area. The solutions are very varied and the choice of the most optimal will depend on the needs of each client. En Viatek Group we have a company specializing in security systems, approved by the Ministry of the Interior, who will be able to advise you on the most appropriate solutions for the security needs of your company or your community of neighbors, carry out a risk analysis and a study of the complete project.

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