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The importance of digital solutions for your company

The progress of technology and the adaptation of people's habits to it has led to a new way of life and, therefore, of working. The application of digital solutions to optimize business processes is essential when competing in the market.

What are digital solutions for in companies?

Digital solutions are those that are carried out in a company in order to improve and optimize the results of its activity. Looking for meet the needs of a business through the use of technology, giving in turn an added value in terms of efficiency, profitability and security for companies.

In this sense, it is essential to have an ICT infrastructure related to the needs of our company and our workers. a correct job management It will make it possible to improve the quality of the service offered to customers and reduce costs.

However, the digitization of a company is not only measured by the number of electronic devices available, we must also take into account the level of integration of these new digital tools in all areas of the company and on the day. on the day of the activity.

Despite the economic benefits that digital transformation entails, according to data from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Digital Transformation, only 17% of SMEs in Spain have successfully incorporated the digital solutions in your business. 

The 2021-2025 SME Digitization Plan is framed in this context, from which the Digital Kit grant program to promote the digital transformation of small businesses, SMEs and the self-employed. 

Digital Kit: what it is and how it works

The Digital Kit is a grant program, promoted by the Government of Spain, aimed at promoting the digitization of small businesses, SMEs and the self-employed thanks to the implementation of different digital solutions chosen according to the needs of each business.

To access the aid of the Digital Kit, your company must meet the requirements established in the base of the call. If you meet these conditions, and after completing the digitization self-diagnosis test, you can receive a bonus with a minimum amount of €2.000, which can be increased to €12.000 depending on the characteristics of your company. 

The digital voucher that your company receives will be exchangeable for the services included in the subsidy through those companies that are digitizing agents, such as Digitize Group o Check My Head.

Digital solutions included in the Digital Kit

Each service covered by the Digital Kit vouchers contributes to the improvement of a specific area of ​​the business and the chosen digitizing agent will have to provide a minimum training that allows your company to obtain the basic knowledge for the initial use of the solutions.

Internet presence and website

Creation of a web page to increase the visibility and positioning of your business on the Internet and reach a greater number of users. 


Design and creation of the online store for the sale of products or services of your business to create profitable lines of business in the short and long term. 

Social Media

Daily management of social networks to create a consolidated community and promote your company on the main platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. 

Customer and/or supplier management

Implementation of solutions to more effectively manage your company's customer portfolio with the aim of improving business relationships with customers and suppliers. 

Business intelligence and analytics

Improve the business decision-making process by analyzing the data obtained effectively.

virtual office services

Optimize work processes to make conversation between employees easier through efficient tools. 

Process management

Solutions to automate the business flows of activities necessary for the normal operation of the company such as accounting, finance, purchases or payments.

Electronic bill

Implement electronic systems for invoicing, speeding up the rate of issuing invoices.

secure communications

Configuration of communications in the company to strengthen security in devices based on the needs of each business and the legislation that must be complied with.


Training related to security in electronic devices to preserve information regarding employees and customers.

Benefits of digital transformation

The areas in which the competitiveness of a company can be improved thanks to digitization are very diverse, as are the benefits that these improvements entail.

The change towards the use of technology-based methodologies supposes a I save time and money. Thanks to the automation of processes and the ease of communication between employees, productivity and, therefore, economic benefits will increase. Failures attributed to the human factor will also be eliminated.

Furthermore, improve customer perception current and potential. Those companies that have the appropriate digital tools will be able to improve the user experience and offer a consistent and effective service. After the commercial exchange, data may be collected for later analysis and adapt our processes based on the information obtained.

Implementing the right digital solutions for your company can be a significant investment, which is why Grupo Viatek recommends taking advantage of the Digital Kit subsidies. If you need more information, you can access the web pages of Digitize or Check My Head, the digitizing agents that can help you manage the necessary request.

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